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There is a time in your life when smile becomes smirk, and there is but one boy left who can digest your quirks. Don't talk about yourself, it's never gonna work. He's already got you figured out. Earlier he was lurking on the internet; why else would he have not left yet? He's gathered all of the data and passed it through his pasta strainer of a brain. Stare at the simple machine in front of you and act entertained. He is what's left once the best you can do dipped early, clearing this dismal vignette for more space to drink the dude away who only came for the candy tray. It's halloween in hell but it sure looks like dad's garage. She is the reason you're here, so quit acting like you can't see her staring at you. Stop eating all the candy. The essence of a goddamn toddler, sitting there picking at crumbs like a grave robber. You know what she likes, so why don't you ask her now? Conversation premeditation is still allowed. Worst comes to worst she screams no and slaps you around. Take a peek at your watch and get your eyes off the ground. It's way too late for this and Andy needs a ride home. He's standing at the back door dancing circles around his cell phone. Stand up straight, walk her way and say hello.
Real Annie 01:53
I'm talking to your dad. We're standing outside your house. I'm looking in through your window and you seem to be having a hard time with your blouse, but you're having a hard time with everything these days. Your grandma said "Annie, they'll take you away if you put just one more hole into your ear or saying in your skin." Something thoughtful, but off the cuff. We both know that you could neither stick nor poke quite hard enough to keep a well-read phrase defined for longer than a few hot showers' time. The blood and ink danced a ballet around the drain. Your restlessness abides; it keeps you lukewarm at night. One eye on your clock, four minutes fast, to be sure your promptness shimmers unsurpassed. Steady sinking feeling, doing well concealing. Never so distracted as you are. "Mr. Edward, it's good to see you again. I hope everything is alright with the councilman, I hear on the news all the time he can be a real jerk. Anyway, I'll see you next time."
Bed Fest 03:28
You wake up. You're sweating. You know you should've stayed out, but it's dad's car, and with one more you wouldn't have cleared the roundabout. Safe now. It's over. Clammy slumber detoxing. The warm haze is long gone and it's as bad a time as any to think about him. White caps to gray sky and you took all that dramamine. The worse end of a bad dream when you lost your heart at 17. Consigned it to your brother, he swam it two miles out off shore. It's aching in his hands, pining from the ocean floor. Fingers laced around those veins, casualty of a cold campaign. The day he left you were ensnared, your soul held in suspension there. Maybe he's the blood and ink; the time you waste at the bathroom sink. You learned to decorate his hell with the awful things you tell yourself. You lost your way. Dark cloud in a black hole. Your veins all swell, the words appear. You bleed out on your bedsheets when you say out loud that you can't stay here.
Dawg 01:44
Never there. Can't come home this week, got a show in the city. I know you care and all, but I still feel lonely when you look at me like that. Lost track of time. School's been a headache. I don't feel the same as I did last year, when all I could see were my mistakes, but I still had the heart to fix them and not just pretend. Now at least I've found someone who will kiss me now and again. You will bide your time, I will burn through mine, and I'm sure I will be fine.
Toronto Mug 01:26
You're in the hallway weighing your options, silent. Hand in a trash bag, the other on your frayed hem. I'm in the hallway opposite yours in silence. Hand in a trash bag, scared to death of what you'll say. Meet in the foyer and note that our friends have gone home. I offer to leave, then you make coffee. Dumb luck, I thought. Toronto mug your father bought. You're on hands and knees looking for your favorite DVD. I lie and say I saw Annie Hall when I was 12 but I only remember the first part now.


7" vinyl pressing of the Slaughter Beach, Dog "Dawg" demo, originally released digitally in August 2014. B side features two songs originally released on Making New Enemies compilations over the past two years. Now all existing in harmony on one (1) convenient wax disc!



released March 10, 2015

Written, performed, and recorded by Jacob Ewald at Michael Jordan and Studio C and the parsonage


all rights reserved



Slaughter Beach, Dog Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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